Health benefits of having a pet that will amaze you!

Do you know people who have pets report better health when compared to non-pet parents? It has been shown and proven through many researches that pet parents make fewer visits to their doctors than non-pet parents. Pet ownership, particularly dog ownership is reasonable for reduction in cardiovascular disease risk (Levine, 2013). Whether it is your pet who gives you a fair cause to exercise, offers an antidote for loneliness and giving a loving companion to care for. Staying with animal improves motivation and lessens worry, anxiety and pain. It’s been recognised that animals can influence not just our happiness but also our health. Here is what best you get out of your pet:

  • Be less anxious and feel safer
  • Relax and reduce everyday stress
  • Playing with your pet is great for your emotional and physical health
  • Helps you keep active
  • Gives purpose and reason to many elderly people to live long
  • Create a bond of closeness and well-being. Families surveyed before and after they acquired a pet reported feeling happier after adding a pet to the family

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