Is your dog a picky eater? 5 best way to correct him.

If you feed your dog a balanced and quality nutritious diet, nothing else is required. In fact, extra treats can significantly change your dog’s normal intake of dog food. It’s same as human being, as if we get after eating too much candy or chips and you are certainly not interested in full meal. Neither is your dog. So 5 best ways to correct this behavior 

1.Help your dog understand that NO options exist.

2.Set out your dog’s food for 30 minutes. If it isn’t eaten, take it away.( When it’s time for your dog’s next meal, set out the food again and take it away in 30 minutes, whether it is eaten or not.In a day or two your dog may start checking around for extra treats). 

3.Maintain your strategy. Don’t give in! Your dog isn’t starving. If hungry, your dog will eat.

4.Do take your pet for regular exercise, keep him physically active as much as possible.

5.Most importantly stop feeding table scrap, and please make sure entire family  is in sync. 


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