How to train your pet: understanding dog’s psychology.

Based on Dog’s psychology principles, dogs learn by repeating behaviours with good ( gesture,words, rewards) results, and stopping behaviours with bad results. This is what is known as operant conditioning.

Training, follow commands, teach a dog new tricks, altering Dog’s behaviour lot depend on conditioning consists of aversive methods and reward methods.  Here are some interesting facts to keep in mind while train your Pawsome friend to be the awesome one.

  • There is a big difference between Dog’s psychology and Dog’s obedience training. Your dog can understand and enact promptly with the command like “sit”, “stand up”, “shake hands” doesn’t mean you trained him well… Yes, you  read it right!…everything related to your dog’s behaviour, training, learning tricks based on operant conditing.
  • The claim that physical force training is more effective at behavior modification than reward training is completely false.
  • It’s wrong to assume food is the only means to obedience training.

Our dogs live in our very complex human world, it is very important for us to assume leadership and teach them our house rules. We must provide for them not just food and shelter, but also of their health and safety.

Altering behavior will make our dog into a good citizen at home.


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