Health benefits of having a pet that will amaze you!

Do you know people who have pets report better health when compared to non-pet parents? It has been shown and proven through many researches that pet parents make fewer visits to their doctors than non-pet parents. Pet ownership, particularly dog ownership is reasonable for reduction in cardiovascular disease risk (Levine, 2013). Whether it is your pet who gives you a fair cause to exercise, offers an antidote for loneliness and giving a loving companion to care for. Staying with animal improves motivation and lessens worry, anxiety and pain. It’s been recognised that animals can influence not just our happiness but also our health. Here is what best you get out of your pet:

  • Be less anxious and feel safer
  • Relax and reduce everyday stress
  • Playing with your pet is great for your emotional and physical health
  • Helps you keep active
  • Gives purpose and reason to many elderly people to live long
  • Create a bond of closeness and well-being. Families surveyed before and after they acquired a pet reported feeling happier after adding a pet to the family

Is your dog a picky eater? 5 best way to correct him.

If you feed your dog a balanced and quality nutritious diet, nothing else is required. In fact, extra treats can significantly change your dog’s normal intake of dog food. It’s same as human being, as if we get after eating too much candy or chips and you are certainly not interested in full meal. Neither is your dog. So 5 best ways to correct this behavior 

1.Help your dog understand that NO options exist.

2.Set out your dog’s food for 30 minutes. If it isn’t eaten, take it away.( When it’s time for your dog’s next meal, set out the food again and take it away in 30 minutes, whether it is eaten or not.In a day or two your dog may start checking around for extra treats). 

3.Maintain your strategy. Don’t give in! Your dog isn’t starving. If hungry, your dog will eat.

4.Do take your pet for regular exercise, keep him physically active as much as possible.

5.Most importantly stop feeding table scrap, and please make sure entire family  is in sync. 

6 ways to identify that your dog is stressed

Stress is most common in the dogs than you may even think of and chronic stress in particular can affect your let’s overall health and quality of life. Here are the common sign of stress identified by canine researcher

  • Frequent nose licking
  • Excessive Panting
  • Frequent Yawning
  • Reduce appetite
  • Tucked tail with pulled back ear
  • Increased Barking, howling or whinning.

Please remember if stress seems to be getting worse than better consider to take him to your vet without delay.

How to train your pet: understanding dog’s psychology.

Based on Dog’s psychology principles, dogs learn by repeating behaviours with good ( gesture,words, rewards) results, and stopping behaviours with bad results. This is what is known as operant conditioning.

Training, follow commands, teach a dog new tricks, altering Dog’s behaviour lot depend on conditioning consists of aversive methods and reward methods.  Here are some interesting facts to keep in mind while train your Pawsome friend to be the awesome one.

  • There is a big difference between Dog’s psychology and Dog’s obedience training. Your dog can understand and enact promptly with the command like “sit”, “stand up”, “shake hands” doesn’t mean you trained him well… Yes, you  read it right!…everything related to your dog’s behaviour, training, learning tricks based on operant conditing.
  • The claim that physical force training is more effective at behavior modification than reward training is completely false.
  • It’s wrong to assume food is the only means to obedience training.

Our dogs live in our very complex human world, it is very important for us to assume leadership and teach them our house rules. We must provide for them not just food and shelter, but also of their health and safety.

Altering behavior will make our dog into a good citizen at home.

Green eyed Monster

Dogs have emotion  just as we people! Yes, you read it right, your indulged child has got all emotions from ranging from happiness, sadness to fear, and ofcourse as complicated as jelousy! Studies show that dogs do show signs of jealously. Not the exact way as humans does , but they still show significant signs of dealing with the green-eyed monster. It is very important to understand the emotions of your pet because “how dogs think as is how dogs learn”.

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